Why Play Recorders?

Maybe, have a listen... 

Soren Sieg Varations or

 "Flanders Recorder Quartet live @ Amuz 2016 Louis Prima, Sing, Sing sing with a swing (1936)


City Cat on the Brisbane River near the Story Bridge

City Cat on the Brisbane River near the Story Bridge

Brisbane City from Southbank

Brisbane City from Southbank

 2021 Brisbane Recorder Events

1st Sunday Monthly Recorder Afternoons 2021

Conducted by Kathleen Williams
See Menu for further details. 

Sun 1st August 2-4pm has been cancelled due to Covid.

We will aim for 5th September 2021

Recorder Winter Weekend  July 2nd-4th 2021 in collaboration with the Early Music Society of Qld.

Postponed due to Covid.  
Date is 1st-3rd Oct. Please see menu for details and register your interest

Presenters include Zana Clarke from Orpheus Music, Yvette Friend, Kathleen Williams and Deana Dodds  and the Holland Park State School Recorder Band conducted by Warryn James

LIVESTREAMING Friday session from Recorder Winter Weekend 2021 presented by Kathleen Williams  

Postponed due to Covid. Details to be advised. 

Sunshine Coast Group is seeking new players
Contact Joyce Newell - Joyce.Newell@bigpond.com    

Toowoomba Players -  please leave details on Contacts page to join a local group


This site is a central information source for the Amateur Recorder community in Brisbane and SEQ. There are hundreds of years of music written for the Recorder family of instruments, including the fabulous modern repertoire. It deserves to be played.

What do you want to do?

  • play socially or more seriously - see classes menu tab
  • find a group - see Monthly afternoons or Other group
  • attend a workshop in Qld - see Brisbane July Weekend menu tab
  • buy a recorder or a recorder stand 
  • take lessons 
  • learn more about the recorder 

This site is not intended for the trained or professional musician as there are many other sites dedicated to you - although I will be supporting recorder concerts and performances. Please have a look at the menu and the links page for information.


Send me an email via the Contacts page and please re-visit this site to see what is coming up in the wider recorder community.


Joanne McDiarmid          brisbanerecorderhub@gmail.com