Recorders are enjoying a modern revival

For those who are content to listen, the six modern and classical repertoire performances above might be a good place to start. Recorders are woodwinds and they sound terrific if played well. The worst thing that happened to the recorder is that  kids had to learn the soprano/descant at school. It was portable, cheap and do-able - and often produced a pretty terrible sound that seemed to stay with some people. As a result, many people who could play a tune then, have little idea about the nature or potential of the instrument as an adult. 

Men and women of all ages have many options with the recorder if they want to try a musical instrument that is easy to learn but challenging to play well. Who knew ?

You will experience great satisfaction, engagement, achievement and the profound joy of performing.  There is a family of recorder instruments, as well as the soprano - and most are low and mellow and beautiful.  Please have a look at the menu for classes, individual tuition, small groups, and the Brisbane Recorder Orchestra for Advanced players. You may simply like to go and listen before making up your mind.

This site is a central information source for the ADULT Amateur Recorder community in Brisbane and SEQ. There are hundreds of years of music written for the Recorder family of instruments, including the fabulous modern repertoire. It deserves to be played. Look at Ryan Williams the virtuoso from Melbourne and composer of "Broken Landscape"above on the small sopranino, or the Berlin Recorder Orchestra selections.

What do you want to do ?

  • play socially or more seriously 
  • find a group 
  • join the Brisbane Recorder Orchestra - see menu page
  • attend a workshops somewhere in Australia
  • buy a recorder or a recorder stand 
  • take lessons 
  • find public domain music 
  • Learn more about the recorder 
  • Concerts and performers

This site is not intended for the trained or professional musician as there are many other sites dedicated to you - although I will be supporting recorder concerts and performances. Please have a look at the menu and the links page for information.


Send me an email via the Contacts page and please re-visit this site to see what is coming up in the wider recorder community.


Joanne McDiarmid          email:  


Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is a virtuoso player from Melbourne who will be performing with Rogue Three in Brisbane on Fri 21st February. Details to be finalised. An eyeopening performance last year of modern repertoire and experimental music. Highly recommended

Tuition/Class If anyone would like to have a class or small workshop with Ryan he is available on the 21st.  He is a teacher at Orpheus and many other workshops around Australia. Please contact me to form a group or for private tuition email him on


Brisbane Recorder Orchestra

Small Group Performances for Functions Available

The Orchestra is planning a range of formal and flashmob/popup performances this year.  Details will be posted when finalised.  Please contact Joanne McDiarmid on m: 0457895035 if you would like to be kept informed.  

If you would like to play with a large group and meet the musical requirements, then please see the Orchestra menu page above for more details.

Our Musical Director is Kathleen Williams-Devries.

Formed in Oct 2019, the group played in four Xmas music events - including A Carols concert and pop-up performances in libraries and the Fairfield Shopping Centre. This reached exponentially more people than a conventional concert, raised the profile of Recorders in a very positive way, and will be actively continued this year. The intention is to perform widely and raise the profile of the recorder family of instruments in Brisbane.

Taste the Orchestra - Oct weekend workshop and performance
There will be a weekend workshop for players of all standards of alto and lower instruments who want to experience the orchestra without actually making the commitment. 

To be held in Wooloongabba Brisbane in October 2020, the workshop will include very friendly individual or small group tuition, and ensemble and orchestral playing.  Those who wish will be invited to attend one further orchestra rehearsal and then join the Orchestra in a public concert one  month later. Cost will be approx $100. Please contact Joanne McDiarmid on or m: 0457895035 to express interest.

EMSQ Brisbane Recorder Workshop from  6-12 April   2020 

The Early Music Society Qld (EMSQ) is organising a recorder workshop in April 2020. Highly recommended. Please contact the Society directly as places fill very early.




Items of Interest 

#  Paint with a palette of Sounds ?  Emulate the sounds of Australia ?  

A one-day recorder sound workshop is being organised. 20 people minimum. Cost will be approx.  $80. If you are looking for something that is not Medieval or Baroque please express interest at .


# URGENT - Hervey Bay Recorder Workshop  14-16  Feb 2020 Antonio Carrilho
Portuguese virtuoso recorder player, teacher and conductor will be leading a weekend workshop. Vanessa and the Hervey Bay Group are to be Congratulated. Early registration is $100 and further details from Vanessa Elwell-Gavins on 0428 624 366 or by email on 



 # Recorder Teachers  

Please also see the Qld Music Teachers site on Links page 


Joanne Arnott   M.Mus (perf.), B.Mus (hons), L.Mus.A., A.Mus.A. 
Ph: 0413 592904     More....      ​ 


Barbara Levien  B. Mus (Hons) (Recorder)  

Barbara has taught recorder for many years to AMUS standard. Former member of  Diapason. 

 Email: Mob 0412462987


# Recorder Stands - Made to order in BRISBANE 

See photos on this page. These are my recorders. It has a central dowel to lock it all together and securely hold the bass. Great Value from $35. Compact and very  portable.  Other variations available to suit you. Painted or stained wood. Please contact for orders or further information.