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U3A Brisbane Recorder Classes

Please contact U3A for further information

The Brisbane Recorder Orchestra has reformed into an Ensemble for this year. Thank you to everyone else who has expressed interest in being kept informed. We will be in touch.

The Brisbane City Council Over 50's program has two groups operating. Please contact  City group or Sandra Drake on 0430 593 778 or email

Music for this month - broadening the scope of the recorder


Social Distancing to Distant Socialising

An interest in music and playing the RECORDER is one of the best ways of having to Stay Home

For those who are content to listen, the six modern and classical repertoire performances above might be a good place to start. Recorders are woodwinds and they sound terrific if played well. The worst thing that happened to the recorder is that  kids had to learn the soprano/descant at school. For children and their teachers, the instrument was portable, cheap and do-able. The result was often a pretty average sound that seemed to resonate for decades for some  people. As a result, many adults have no idea of the nature, range or potential of the instrument.  

Men and women of all ages have many options with the recorder if they want to try a musical instrument that is easy to learn but challenging to play well. Who knew ?

You will experience great satisfaction, engagement, achievement and the profound joy of performing.  There is a family of recorder instruments, as well as the soprano - and most are low and mellow and beautiful.  Please have a look at the menu for classes, individual tuition, small groups, and the Brisbane Recorder Orchestra for Advanced players.

This site is a central information source for the ADULT Amateur Recorder community in Brisbane and SEQ. There is hundreds of years of music written for the Recorder family of instruments, including the fabulous modern repertoire. It deserves to be played.

What do you want to do ?

  • play socially or more seriously 
  • find a group 
  • join the Brisbane Recorder Orchestra - see menu page
  • attend a workshops somewhere in Australia
  • buy a recorder or a recorder stand 
  • take lessons 
  • find public domain music 
  • Learn more about the recorder 
  • Concerts and performers

This site is not intended for the trained or professional musician as there are many other sites dedicated to you - although I will be supporting recorder concerts and performances. Please have a look at the menu and the links page for information.


Send me an email via the Contacts page and please re-visit this site to see what is coming up in the wider recorder community.


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Recorders are Screechy  

Rubbish, petal. The recorder is a group of instruments, not just one. Any instrument in the hands of the untrained or untalented  sounds awful. Recorders are portable, affordable,easily to learn but very challenging to play well. These qualities mean that anyone can aim to learn a serious musical instrument to the standard that they wish, starting tomorrow. I think there must be thousands of forgotten recorders at home somewhere, waiting to be re-discovered.   

Recorders are a kid's instrument     

I wouldn't give my recorders to a kid.  

They cost too much money and they're one of the perfectly fine but more affordable  ones. It is a deadly insult for the ignorant to call the recorder a "kids" instrument. Let us not be too polite.  

Recorders are serious musical instruments for adults. Many children learn, but few children, or adults for that matter learn to play well. It's a bit of a mystery.