Recorder Info


Please refer to the following excellent and comprehensive Australian sites for any information on recorders :

Nicholas S. Lander's  Recorder Homepage 

 Malcolm Tattersall

 Orpheus Music

 Wikipedia  - that great fount of semi-peer reviewed information also has a lengthy section on the recorder


Brief Introduction

For people who only remember the soprano/descant recorder from school -  there are at least eight Recorders of varying sizes ranging from the very high-pitched 15cm Garklein to the very deep 2 metres Contrabass. 

  • Garklein                    The highest pitch. An interesting sound but too high pitched for most 
  • Sopranino                 Still quite high pitched but terrific sound 
  • Soprano/Descant   The one most used at school, with an undeserved reputation as “screechy” when played by beginners. Fabulous in the right hands 
  • Alto/Treble               Beautiful deeper tone
  • Tenor                          The tenor is mellow and sounds more like a flute 
  • Bass/Basset in F      The highest pitch of the bass group
  • Great Bass                 Progressively deeper tone
  • ContraBass                Earthy and beautiful